CSG Spec Brake Pads for Motorsports

Over the years, CounterSpace Garage has placed a high emphasis on the overall testing of various friction materials with different applications since overall brake performance is a key development point for quicker lap times and car performance.

The collection of data has allowed CounterSpace Garage to give relevant developmental feedback to suppliers to develop more specialized friction materials.

These newer and more advanced friction materials are now supplied as "CSG SPEC" brake pads in various HPDE, Club and professional racing markets.

With extensive development on multiple motorsport applications (Examples: GT Racing, Time Attack, HPDE, One make races, etc.), CSG Spec brake pads have been further developed to meet the specific demands of customers where "off the shelf" products were often inadequate.

The result is a line of sprint & endurance friction materials which offer peak brake performance, pedal stability, braking control, high fade resistance and low wear compared to competitor offerings in the market.

CSG Spec Brake Pads Compound List


Comparison of CSG Spec Brake Pad Compounds